Steel and Aluminum Horse Trailers For Sale with Living Quarters in CA


R & De Trailers has the pleasure of carrying Maverick trailers, Royal T trailers, Trails West, Logan Coach, and Four Star trailers. We carry a wide selection of trailers. 

Maverick Trailers provide customers with aluminum or steel trailers with a wide variety of options.
Royal T with over 20 years of trailer manufacturing experience, Royal T Trailers is the accumulation of hard work, & dedication that has lead to an attractive and visually pleasing horse trailer series sure to garner the horse enthusiast’s attention.
Come and see all that Logan Coach has to offer - whether it is a horse, stock, contractor, motor sports or custom trailer, we can meet your wants and needs.
When looking for a trailer that your horses will love as much as you do, Trails West is the go-to brand that ensures both comfort and safety as top priorities
At 4-Star Trailers, we have been crafting the finest quality trailers since 1984. We are the industry leader in custom horse, stock and cargo trailers.